helical speed reducer

“EP series” inline helical gear reducers feature a HP range of ¼-100 HP, 37-147 mm box sizes, 2:1-120:1 speed ratios and a cast iron casing for unquestioned strength and reliability. Offered in a variety of NEMA C-face quill style motor insight flange configurations, the “EP” series allows users to easily locate off-the-shelf NEMA motors in lieu of custom equipment motors with special 1st pinion gears. EP’s bolt hole pattern, bottom to center line elevation, output shaft diameter and usable shaft duration match the “R” series of the inline market head making plant retrofitting a breeze.
Product Features
2:1 – 120:1 ratios (other ratios obtainable as custom orders)
Box sizes 37 – 147
Built for high efficiency, high strength, and low noise
All cast iron housings for unquestioned strength and reliability
Wide range of ratios from 2:1 to 120:1
Horsepower range between 1/4 HP to 100 HP
Gears are precision floor for better rotation and quieter operation
Gearbox flanges are created to accept NEMA C-Face electric motors
Drop-in for some major European-produced Inline reducer brands
2-year warranty
The precision planetary equipment units of the EP series with floor helical gearing and preloaded dual taper roller bearings ensure low-noise synchronism due to their immense load having capacity and rigidity even under high load circumstances. The one-piece world carrier and the integrated needle roller bearings enable the transmitting of high torques. The excess shaft sealing ring ensures maximum security against dirt and splash water relative to protection class IP65.
The selection of a proper planetary gear for your
individual application.
Short delivery time
Small quantities available on short notice. Delivery
time for larger amounts or special requests needs to be
checked individually
CAD drawings
Drawings for all series can be found on request
For personalized solutions we draw from a large range of
single components. Depending on demand they may be
combined for you personally in a flexible way
EP is not only known for its comprehensive manufacturing
expertise. Our customers also revere us as skilled partners in
drive technology. This experience is the basis of our planetary gear
We place great importance on your own flexibility in the configuration and
application of our planetary gears. Being faithful to your motto customer
satisfaction is always a priority.
Our high quality standards apply to all of the our planetary gearbox series.
These include especially high gearing quality, low backlash and long
service life.
Fast response to customer requests and continuous additional development of our planetary gears can be our driving force.
Close grained cast iron housing and flanges
Hardened metal helical gearing for long life
Anti-friction bearings
Double lip seals guard against oil leakage
Optional steel bolt-on base
Double bearing design upon input and output shaft
EP Gear’s 800 Series contains a focused collection of compact, heavy duty helical equipment drives that provide long-existence performance and simplified maintenance. A broad range of reduction ratios fit an even broader selection of specifications, while a variety of insight shaft configurations maximize versatility. In addition, the amount of products that enhance this series of equipment drives make it a perfect choice for today’s commercial distributor.
The 800 Series provides a functional interchange for ep and other European manufacturers’ helical gear drives,rendering it uniquely practical for substitute applications.
Four basic sizes 1/6 – 10 HP
Over 40 different ratios 1.5:1 – 71:1 double-reduction ratios 36:1 – 250:1 triple-reduction ratios
Non-flanged and NEMA c-face input styles
Base-mount and result flange-mount models available
Output-shaft diameters from 3/4″ to 1 1 5/8″
The typical NEMA C-face design will accept any standard NEMA motor, making it exceptionally versatile.
Ratios up to 70:1 in only two levels means increased efficiency and reduced case size.
Accessible oil seals simplify routine product maintenance.
All units could be double sealed upon both input and result to withstand the rigors of also the most demanding applications.
800 Series drives come pre-filled with synthetic lubrication for your specific mounting position.
Sizes 3 and 4 are lubricated forever which promotes trouble-free procedure.
Washdown duty units in white-colored or stainless epoxy coatings make these equipment drives perfect for the most serious Washdown.
Correct angle bevel speed reducers decrease speed and increase torque from the driver end to the driven result in a drive system. They possess a beveled gear that allows the reducer to rotate in both directions and operate with low noise and vibration. They are usually crafted from durable, corrosion-resistant components like stainless steel.
Wide variety of accessories and nonstandard designs
Single piece casing with high structural stiffness
Easy and functional shaft-mounting design
Minimum maintenance requirements
High, reliable and tested performance
Suitable for the heaviest duties
This economical aluminum body helical speed reducer provides highly reliable power transmission for general purpose applications. These gearboxes offer affordable operation and superior efficiency over similar products.
5 sizes with aluminum housings
Torque capacity from 200-6000 inlbs
Ratios from 2.5:1 to 600:1
Output shafts in in . or metric dimensions
Input adapters for NEMA and IEC motors
Mounting via foot, encounter or bolt-on flange
The exclusive use of the involute helicoid thread form on the worm and gear provides for high efficiencies and lengthy service life on draglines and shovels. The hardened,surface and polished alloy steel worm develops a simple, work hardened surface area on the bronze equipment. Because of this, the worm gears put on in and improve with extented service while various other gears are wearing out.
Hardened, shaved or surface helical gears
Hollow & solid output shafts
Vertical & horizontal mountings
Fan cooled (standard)
Motor mounts
Cast iron or steel housings available


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