Composite Fiberglass Separator for Auto Battery

Composite Fiberglass Separator for Auto Battery

Solution :
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The AGM separator has great acid resistance, equal thickness, high volume porosity, sufficient tensile improve the two in machine path and cross path, very good compression capability to make sure the higher plate team stress, and excellent insulative capability and so forth. It can take up ample electrolyte, supply the channels for hydrogen and oxygen free of charge passing to react, stop the energetic supplies from slipping off, slow the development of guide crystal, and reduce the reduction of electrolyte in demand & decline upkeep, it is also has a lengthy utilizing lifestyle. 

Lead-Acid batteries (VRLA batteries). UPS electrical power provide, CZPTal energy method, Railway signal, Telecommunication tools, Unexpected emergency lighting, Fireplace manage and Alarming method, Generator beginning, CZPTal vehicle and Motor-cycle, Price-regulated, Solar & Wind electrical power. 
Thickness: .five-five.0mm 
Dimensions could be CZPT.

We implement advanced technologies to each and every customer’s distinct requirements. Every product should meet your unique specs for uniformity, compression, pore measurement, absorption, and wicking qualities. 

Thickness (mm) ±0.05 one.61
Tensile Toughness (Mpa) ≥3. five.75
CZPTal Resistance (Ω.dm²) ≤0.0015 .0008
Max.Pore Size (um) ≤30 24
Volume Porosity (%) ≥85 91.9


Composite Fiberglass Separator for Auto Battery


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