Automatic Carton Folder Gluing Machine for Corrugated Paperboard Glue

Automatic Carton Folder Gluing Machine for Corrugated Paperboard Glue

                               MJZXJ-1-2400 Computerized Folder Gluer


Introduction of the machine:

MJZXJ-1 design Computerized Folder gluer machine is composed of feeding element, glue and folding component, stacker portion, pace managed by PLC, paper width is modified by Touch Computer, equipment procedure is simple and accurate, machine with automatic paper feeding operate, computerized glue and fold perform, automatic counting, automated stacking and double conversion procedure, the standard pace is 160pcs/min, Max. pace can be 220 pcs/min, this device is your best pick which is energy-effective and environmental safety.

Operate and characteristic:
one. Computerized carton folding and at same time to finish the tape paste which is conserve time and labor power
two. Can be utilized for different size cartons and measurement modify is simple and quickly.
3. Machine run is stable and reliable, packing outcome is robust and wonderful.
4. Machine operation is simple and effortless for servicing.
5. Automated collimator angle, 180 diploma correction, powerful corrective the carton look fork and tail phenomenon.
Machine parameters: (Total 8tons-2400model)

  Design JK-2000 JK-2400 JK-2800
  Max.Cardboard 1000×2000 1000×2400 1000×2800
  Mini.Cardboard 260×600 300×800 350×800
  Installation spot 2400×13500 2800×15500 3000×15500
  PowerRequired 11.5kw eleven.5kw 11.5kw

 Note: If you need to have any other size, kindly truly feel free to permit us know. We can make the machine based on your dimensions.

The solution structure: 
1. Manage Panel:

Touch Screen Input operation is effortless, equipment undertake PLC controller, electronic work, contact display input which can modify date or speed  or others CZPT end machine, machine can be auto-feed paperboard, auto-folding, auto-counting and automobile-stacking output, standard velocity is 160pcs/min and Max. pace is 220 pcs/min.
2. Feeding element

1) Paperboard top adjustment portion is undertake large high quality metal, can quick adjust different specification cartons, this sort of as top and length.
two) The suction belt of feeding part adopts the high-tech materials, tension layer seamless joint the girdle which protect device everything nicely in operating.
3) Suction motor and primary motor of feeding part adopts ZheJiang model which is substantial stability.
4) Undertake the higher good quality electromagnetic clutch and brake technique so that make feeding component can be one paper or continuous operation which powerful manage the paperboard squander and output precision.
5) Pat component of feeding has effective minimize error of handbook operation and increase the steadiness of paper feed.
three. Folding and gluing portion:

1) Motor undertake CZPTpean model, with operate of stability, pace adjustment fast and CZPT noise pollution
two) Seamless joint ring conveyor belt of folding part undertake imported particular material which is substantial friction and higher wear-resisting, can complete automatic folding precisely
three) Gluing element adopt large good quality stainless metal gluing wheels, glue coated evenly,and can effective to save glue.
four) Folding component geared up with solitary channel creasing correction and six coining unit which can precision and productive to proper paperboard’s urgent line deviation and make carton end folding correctly.
four. Correction stacking output part:
one) Stacking element has capabilities of auto-counting, stack neatly and stacking output, buyer can set the output number of cartons by himself.
2) Automatic correction, stepless pace variator correction, automatic appropriate non-standard cartons.

eight. Areas Introduction:

1) Equipment is 380V/AC, power is eleven.5kw, power conservation and large efficiency.
two) PLC computer components,frequency components and electrical appliance all adopt substantial top quality imported factors.
three) Belt adopts Italy ring and seamless belt.
4) CZPT adopt popular model “TR bearing”
5) Spiral screw,lead screw and nut all adopt forty five# stainless steel with quench therapy.
6) Screw nut undertake higher top quality copper (ZQSn10-1), use-resisting and durable, extended life and travel precision is high.
seven) Copper bush(ZQSn6-six-three) with oil lubrication, dress in-resisting and resilient
8) Device is managed by wi-fi remote unit, can alter paper size fast and conveniently
6. CZPT Controlling Element of Computerized Folder Gluer
MJZXJ-1 Automatic folder gluer is refer to CZPTpean standards, operating performance is safe and reliable, simple operation and upkeep hassle-free. The equipment is managed by the entrance paper feeding element, correction part on end, fold portion of the still left side and correct side in middle, this design is much humanization and convenience for procedure. This equipment adopt international renowned manufacturer shade contact human-equipment interface and Japan Panasonic PLC controller, touch human-device interface and the PLC are reserved software upgrade interface which Handy for tools improve. Device principal Drive adopt ZheJiang properly-known brand name “OT”, also geared up with two renowned TD Variable frequency governor to make machine synchronous adjustment, speed is steady and reliable, energy conservation and environmental protection (electrical power conserving charge is about 35%), and implement safe security for motor (when the voltage is too high or too low, motor overheating or recent is also massive, the inverter will automatic alarm and quit perform. A corresponding alarm code will exhibit on the male-equipment interface screen screen). All electrical management contactor undertake Siemens ac contactor, and geared up with matched thermal overload, these efficient to protect the easy managing of the equipment. CZPT outside electricity source wires all undertake aviation plug-in connection which make the disassembling and routine maintenance a lot more conveniently, Plate use English and graphical to make clear the button perform, make operators far more easy to comprehend.
7. The steel chooses
Machine Rack, this kind of as beams, U-bar, thick square tube,thick steel plate,wall plate adopt the higher good quality Q235-A steel. Weld element adopt worldwide common-ongoing uninterrupted welding technique. All axial elements adopt higher good quality forty five# steel. Weight is about 7-eight Ton and run is stability. 

NO. Identify Model Origin
1. Suction belt Nitta
two. Ship the belt Aymara ZheJiang
three. CZPT TR HangCZPT
four. Frequency conversion motor The polis ZheJiang
five. Higher-strain blower The polis ZheJiang
6. Substantial-force blower   ZheJiang
seven. Nylon wheel   Japan
8. The chain The and Japan
9. Chain wheel   HangCZPT
ten. Cylinder   ZHangCZPTg
eleven. Copper wire sets   HangCZPT
twelve. PLC Delta ZheJiang
13. Inverter Delta ZheJiang
14. Contact screen Delta ZheJiang
fifteen. Electromagnetic clutch   ZheJiang
16. CZPTal appliances Schneider France
17. Swap Schneider France


Automatic Carton Folder Gluing Machine for Corrugated Paperboard Glue